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Re: Lets bash the strat

Ok even though I just opened an opposition thread to this one, im gonna defend Ibanez2005, lol.

I don't think he deserves to get jumped on for this. He made it clear that what he said was his opinion, and even though it's wrong its still an opinion. I think he was just trying to do something fun, since this site is sure to have it's fender naysayers, and thats fine. So if he wants to allow people to come here and present their conflicts with other guitars, then thats cool, its what forums are for. I defend this thread b/c ive seen countless others just like it here on jemsite.

So he has his thread and now I have mine, it's all for everyones benefit. Let opinions be, erm, opinions, cause no ones tried to offend anyone, YET. :P

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