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Re: Lets praise strats :P

If they say they just don't like Strats thats fine. If they try and say "Strats are all the same", or "they don't stay in tune", or anything like that then they just don't know what they're talking about. It would be like someone from the Fender forum saying that a floating bridge guitar wont stay in tune and is a pain in the butt just because they had a bad experience with one or don't understand how they work. Example from the Strat bashing thread.

I just don't like old tech, and Fender is old tech. A tremolo that goes incredibly out of tune, single coil pups on most strats that aren't suited to gain of any type, and the design?"
All wrong. Vintage Strat trems stay in tune great if setup correctly. I can do all kinds of trem work with my Strat without it going out of tune and I don't even have locking tuners. Also I have a strat with vintage single coils that LOVE gain. When I add tons of gain the guitar just screams, cuts through any mix, sounds heavy as hell. No feedback, very little noise, wicked harmonics. Of course the clean sound is awsome. I think it does take a little more skill to sound really good on a clean Strat verses a heavily distoted humbucker equiped guitar. Things like vibrato, pick attack and string bending have to be good and thats what shapes the sound. As far as the design goes a strat is super comfortable to play. I say if you don't like Strats then maybe you just haven't played a good one. God knows there are a lot of Strats out there with terrible setups.
Okay I'm done defending the Strat. Those that know and appreciate the Fender Stratocaster know what I'm talking about. Those who don't are missing out big time.
Maybe we should post some pics and sound clips to add to the "Strat appreciation" thread.
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