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Re: Lets praise strats :P

I love this thread because I love Fender Strats! I'm going to buy a Fender Stratocaster pretty soon and MIM 60's classic Strat seems to be really great. I already have one Tokai Strat.

Their are fantastic guitars, especially 60's and early 70's style Stratocasters. But actually I don't like American series and Highway One series Strats, they feel kinda boring to me. They just don't have that something, probably with better setup I would like them more but it's the neck and body I don't like. I guess modern C-shape neck isn't for me.

But American Deluxe series guitars are awesome! I don't know if they have different neck shape but they feel really comfortable and they look great too. Signature series guitars are nice too, I love Knopfler Strat, Jeff Beck Strat is really nice too, Yngwie Strat and Clapton Stratocaster has really nice neck shape. Eric Johnson model is really interesting too. Best thing about Strats is that they are so versatile. Usually I don't like their bridge and neck pups. Single coils aren't for my taste but there are few exceptions, I usually need humbuckers. Another bad thing about vintage Stratocaster is that they have vintage frets, well actually it's not that bad thing, I can deal with them but medium jumbos and jumbo frets are better.

But as I said they are very versatile, with a bridge humbucker you can play anything you want, blues, pop, rock, hard rock, heavy metal, punk and the list goes on and on. They look nice and they feel fantastic, '62 C-shape neck is my favorite and V-shape is nice too. And in the other hand they are pretty simple guitars, it's easy to modified them. I have to disagree with Ibanez2005 when he said that Fender doesn't have enough selection. You can get Strat with HSS, SSS or HH pup configuration, with or without figured maple top, with koa top, alder, ash or basswood body, with maple, rosewood or ebony fingerboard, 21 or 22 frets, hardtail or vintage or Floyd Rose bridge, lots of different colors, lots of different neck shapes and that's not all!

That's why I love Fender Stratocasters so much!
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