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RG 1550 help needed

Hi guys,

I just started getting into higher end ibanez guitars and have a alot to learn. I have been buying the "lower end" indonesian rg 350's 370's etc which I like but started looking into better quality japanese models to get into..... anyway I came here knowing you guys could answer some questions I have.

I just recently purchased an Ibanez RG 1550 with a serial number that starts with - F0244XXX when I tried to look up this guitar at Ibanez at this link
it says that the production year is 2003.
So my question would the serial number on mine indicate it was produced in 2002? And if so why is there no info on it?

Does anyone have any info on the rg 1550 as to production years.
Mine is the black one with maple neck (im not sure if there were other colors/necks)

Thanks in advance for any insight you guys can give.

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