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got new 7 and starting to mod

Hi i just recently got an ibanez rg7421,(after already having one some years ago, and going thru a universe that i sold too)
and i had two emg (707 and 81-7) pickups and a guitar expander, in my closet for almost a year(bought for the universe but never installed them) and i took them out fro install them into this new guitar.
Now im starting to modify this rg7421, and need some advice of people that already did this emg mod. ill use a foredom tool, (its like a dremel) for routing the pickups.
need also some advice on wiring, the two humbuckers, and guitar expander, with one volume, one tone, and the expander control. with a 3 way switch or a 5 way switch(5 or 3 positions the one you can help me with)

ill do some fast paint job too, with spray cans, im thinking of a camouflage paint, i saw some camo paint at home depot.

the guitar paint its not in good condition( the guitar itself is at a 100% of its working condition)

thanks a lot!, any help will be greatly aprecciated!
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