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Re: The Jemsite guide to amps

Pablo - Don't you have a Diezel?

I think my guitar jones is turning into an amp jones. I've never heard one in my life, but cannot ignore what I've heard about a Diezel Herbert. I got a Mesa RK in April (coming from a Line 6 for a few years) and am just starting to get it dialed in. We play everything from Journey to Fall Out Boy (yeah, yeah, save your flame ) so I wanted versatility which I get from the RK for sure and can get a great classic tone to it, but it's somewhat, er, "dry" to me. I'm running a G-System with no other effects - I get the distortion completely from the amp. The clean channel is great - clear and crisp.

I'd really like to get a Diezel but would hate to spend $3-4K and not like it but it's not like I couldn't sell it either. I still need a classic tone but would like something with a nice tight high gain to it as well.

I'm running it into a Bogner 4x12 and a Mesa 2x12 both with V30's - maybe a different cab?

Any advice would be welcome.
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