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Re: Whos into this show - Supernova

Originally Posted by jay ratkowski View Post
I saw about 5 minutes of this show the other night while they were giving the cuts for the night or whatever...

They should rename it "Biggest douche bags in music"

Seriously... Tommy Lee, Jason Newstead and that bum from GNR? Oh and the biggest douche of them all, Dave Navarro? I'd like to see them all tossed off a cliff.
LOL! Navarro was cool before he got overexposed. I used to love that dude when he was in Janes. Now that he's a "personality" it kinda ruined his whole vibe. I've got nothing against Gilby. I was a Gilby fan every since Kill For Thrills back in the day. Overexposure kills though.

Back in the 70's and 80's before the internet and MTV every band had a certain mystique about them. You didn't know that much about them unless you read it in Kerrang or Hit Parader, or RS. You had big album covers to stare at. It made every band I liked seem that much cooler.

MTV, "reality TV", and corporate sponsers killed the mystique. I don't want to know that much about them.

I don't want to hear Zeppelin selling cars!!! But that's the way it is. The modern age.
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