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Re: FS: Steve Vai's own Jem VAI2K DNA (on e-bay now item# 290027082446)

Hi Folks,

Thanks for your concern.

Well, what was shaping up to be a very successful auction designed to HELP SOMEONE IN NEED, has been marred first by a scam artist who gained access to our account and the accounts of high bidders and attempted to defraud them out of money by saying they could buy the guitar outside of **** by sending money to them via Western Union.

As usual, **** were no help at all, and didn't seem to care that the security of their site had been compromised - despite constant attempts by me to have something done.

Then, earlier this evening, someone at **** decided that the auction violated their charity auctions policy, which states that you can't create auctions where the proceeds go to a registered charity, but instead need to go through MissionFish, who then pass the proceeds on. That's fair enough if you're holding an auction on behalf of a registered charity. Trouble is, we did not call this a charity auction on **** - but simply announced that the proceeds of the auction would go to Cliff Cultreri - Steve's friend who is very sick. Cliff is not a charity organization. He's an individual who because of a terrible illness, is need of financial help. Us saying that the proceeds of the auction would be given to Cliff is just the same as saying that the proceeds would go to our back pocket. Who is **** to tell us what we do with the money after we sell the item?

**** jumped to shut our auction, but did nothing to prevent it from being disrupted by a scam artist who is able to gain access to their system.

Of course, since our auction was taken down, a fake auction with our pictures of the guitar has appeared on **** Do you think **** has rushed to take that down? No.

We will be putting the guitar back on **** tomorrow, with the starting bid at the same amount it was when the auction was closed.

It's a sad state of affairs when people try to disrupt any auction by fraudulent means, but when the auction is designed to help someone, it makes the act even lower. As you can imagine, Steve is terribly disappointed.

There are some really despicable people out there, but fortunately people like that are outweighed by generous, decent people who really want to help someone who has contributed in a positive way to the music we all love. We have received many emails from kind folks who have expressed concern for Cliff, and who, though unable to bid on the guitar or come to the benefit show on the 30th, have offered to send personal donations to help Cliff in whatever way they can.

We apologize to the auction's bidders for the inconvenience.

We'll be back tomorrow and I'll post a new link to the auction as son as it goes live..


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