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Re: The Jemsite guide to amps


It has to be said that this is an awesome amp. I think a lot of people who don't know much about this bad boy think it will make them sound like King Ed. NOT TRUE!

Only EVH sounds LIKE EVH!

Someone mentioned earlier about people want to sound like what they hear on a CD and it's almost insane to think like that. As far as the 5150 goes and this only through my experience, i've had every Marshall head you can think of and the 5150 is basically a hot rodded Marshall. It has endless amounts of gain and thats why it's preferred by the Metal guys. The sound is very raw and is perfect for an in your face live sound. It's never gonna be Nu-metal. Sounds like 80's Heavy Metal on roids! I love this amp and once you get to grips with the resonance control and how it affects the bottom end then it'll give you some serious tone.

The best part, you can pick them up for next to nothing cuz people are scared they're gonna sound like later VH so they dont give the 5150 a look. I bought a 5150II for £350 which in the UK is cheaper than a 2nd hand Marshall. You know why it was so cheap? Cuz the kid I got it from said it had too much gain and didn't know haw to use it! What do you think the gain control does.

His loss and definatley my GAIN. No pun intended.

Bottom line, check these out. Not for everybody but will give you a unique tone. I plug my 7vsbl straight in through a couple of Boss pedals and a noise gate cuz the only downside is, these things can be a little noisy.
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