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Re: A few questions...

Originally Posted by crevis View Post
It will always help it a bit.

And the pinche thing, do you mean RG 350ex, because then it probably is you not being familiar with the different scale length. Other than that it could be anything, like old strings etc but probably not the pup.
Different scale length? You mean they aren't both 25.5 length? says there something I'm missing? (other than that I know the S has 22 frets and the RG has 24)

And referring to the trem, would you know how much a bit is? I don't mean to get picky but it'd help knowing if it's worth the $44 or if I should pay the $150 for a used edge/LoPro/OFR.

And btw, does the OFR have locking studs? Sorry for sounding like a noob I've just never really thought about locking studs except on the Ibanez floating bridges, I sometimes can forget there's the OFR/Schaller/Gotoh, etc.
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