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Re: The Jemsite guide to amps

I did my entire summer tour for National Guitar Workshop plugged straight into a Peavey pedals.. I had brought my rack and all the techno toys..but it seems that during the day clinics, a lot of kids (and adults too) were preoccupied with.."so and so uses this box or that processor" I did all the clinics and performances just straight into an amp to show them that you could do "over the top" and just have the guitar, amp and a good cable.. no matter how much you got on the floor or in a rack..a lot of tones is still in the hands. The JSX has more than enough gain and the clean channel is spanking clean..I can dial up a a nice crisp funk clean without a hint of dirt whatsoever..even a loud volumes.. the clincher for me was the half power switch on the back..which is how I usually run mine in 60 watt mode.. it had no problem this summer running along side with Boogies, Marshalls, a Bruno modded Fender and a Guytron Boutique head. Just a really great working musician's amp.
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