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Dead Notes After String Change. How?

Hi Folks,

I changed the strings on my RG320FM last month, which caused some major issues for me. I wrote the following thread about it (you may remember it):

I haven't really played that guitar since that time; I've been playing a fixed-bridge guitar for certain songs that I've been working through. Anyways, I plugged in the RG tonight, and during the first solo I played on it, I noticed that the D note (22nd fret on the high E string) died on me. No sustain, no tone whatsoever, just a little click coming through the amp that faintly resembles a D note. I checked all of the other frets near this note (eg. 17 to 24 on strings), and they sound perfect.

Is this the result of the string change? Or is this a new unrelated problem?

Thanks in advance.
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