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Talking What if ....

Ok, I am pretty much expecting lots of "flame" replies
on this one already but if the world only have one pick-
up brand to choose from, that is only [SIZE=4]Seymour
Duncan[/FONT], and you have a HSH guitar, what will be
your choice and why?

my choice:

H(bridge) = Brian May Signature.
S(mid) = Vintage Rail (SVR-1N) I already got it on my RG350
H(neck) = Custom Shop Jimmy Page.

Why Brian May signature? Have you ever heard any other
band as diverse as Queen or Brian May for that fact???

Why Vintage Rail? Its because I liked the "quack" fender
like tone in clean and the Claptonish tone with a little

Why Jimmy Page Custom? Are you freakin' kidding me??
Honestly, what's the first song you learned? I bet my
a s s its Stairway to Heaven!!! [LOL]
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