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Cool Re: Just played an S470 - now im GASsing !!

Yeah, I use D'Addario 9's on all my guitars and love them since...geez it has been over twenty years I have trusted D'Addario XL 120's.

Although I think they have changed the name so here is the gauge .042 -.009.

Anyway, I should stop bragging about the S470 or Ibanez will raise it's price!

The Koreans have made some great guitars but get a bad rap. I have a 1992 Alvarez Regent model 5201 classical guitar that was made in Korea that will blow away most of the classical guitars out there at four times the cost.

So don't let the Made in Korea fool you; at around $500USD you get a $500USD guitar!

Of course as meticulous (anal) as I am, I must have perfect sound from my guitar. Please see above.

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