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Re: Famous players guitar picks

Originally Posted by The Euphor View Post
Any picks you can show that is rare, or extremely hard to get? Ron Thal picks?
Don't have a Thal pick, as far as I know he doesn't have them with his name on them, neither does BucketHead

As for rarer ones, these are some I just grabbed off the top of my head.

Layne, one from Lollapalooza and one from the Dirt tour. Hard to get because his tech was a punk. I actually ended up getting the purple one from Layne and the black one from Jerry. Go figure. Layne and Jerry were both very cool.

Chris Cornell, Very tough to get because they just didn't tour that much and they like to stay out of the public's reach when they do. These came from Chris, he's very nice also. The Ben Shepard pick says it all, what a jerk, one of their techs gave me these and said he was a jerk too!

The Eric Johnson is his very first pick, I've never seen another one. A friend got it for me in the mid to late 80's when he played a local bar. As far as I know he's always played the red one below it. A friend also got me that one last year.

The top one is from Jeff Beck, what else canI say! He's the man.

I have a bunch more rare ones I will post tommorrow or the next day, including some Metallica ones they decided not use for one reason or another.
I also have some Jake E Lee's which are rarer than rare.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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