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Re: RG 20th / RG3120... help!

Dee, I do this too. I agonize over some decisions long after I've actually made them. I ask for "advice" from people when all I really want is their approval and my justification. I think you have basically made your decision. You made it a long time ago when you started the petition to bring back the neon colors (sorry, colours). Of all the Ibanez fans in the world, you have gotta be the one who's invested the most time and effort in influencing the company to re-issue neon shred machines. And now they are re-issuing them, and you're not gonna get one?

I agree with those above who say that the RG20TH will only be available for a short time, and the 3120 (or an axe like it) will be wide-open available in the future. And I know they're more expensive there, but if you have a reasonable shop to deal with, it's possible. It's not eight hundred pounds now, it's more like three hundred pounds now and the balance in four or five months when the guitars actually get to Merry Old. And I'm sure, my friend, you can find a way. Good luck.
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