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Hi, Is there such thing as metal fatigue on fine tuners(edge?).

Hi, yes I know what you're thinking, another guy with another nose picking questions about....trems!(you're right) So far only had expierience with ofr, and schaller.

I'm looking to buy an ibanez prestige somewhere in the near future (a matter of months I think/hope). Anyway, I'm undicided between the RGT320Q and the S4170AB. Two totaly diffirent animals I know.

Bear with me I know this might be a non existant/idiotic idea but these guitars go for quite a sum so I have to know for sure. A friend of mine has a prestige rg with the edge pro on it, as hard as I find it to believe he claims that the fine tuner arms of the saddles(the part that would be the locking screw on an ofr) have been suffering metal fatigue on the E and A string. Cauzing fine tuning to be endless.
I've been looking though allot of posts here, allot of stuff on ibanez rulez, and so on. And haven't found anything on this. Can anybody ched some light on this for me? Is that possible, I wouldn't want to buy a trem that starts to break after a while. Please don't flame/whatever me I know this sounds highly unlikely but I just have to know for sure.

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