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Tried out New ART100...kinda
i walked into the store i teach out of yesterday and there sat the new ART100. they also have the RGR421 -yuck! - but that's a different thread. the guitar looked very nice with the body binding and special 12th fret inlay (tribal). i liked the neck as it wasn't too fat or narrow and my hand rested nice and comfortably on the bridge. if i remember correctly it was Indo or Chinese (not sure - i looked and have now forgot what it was - D'oh!) made but the fret ends and finishing wasn't bad. i didn't notice any flaws while noodling away and for $299 US i was actually impressed with it for a modern style LP offering from Ibanez. i am also pleased to read it is mahogany and not some crappy tone wood.
the down side is i didn't get a chance to plug it in as the store was rearranging their amp room and shortly after i tried it and went back to teaching, one of my students ran down stairs (after his lesson) with his parent and bought it on the spot. he had been wanting a new guitar last month and i told him to wait until new '07 models started hitting the shelves and boy was he glad he did! it fit easily into an LP Gator case so the shape is very close to that of an LP.
the pickups are different than what i'm familiar with from IBZ but i won't get a chance to try them out until i see that student again next week. i will post about it when i get my mits on it again thru my teaching amp, Tech 21.
so far in feel, looks and playability i would give it a thumbs up for those interested so plug one in and give it a whirl if you have been looking for an affordable "modern" style LP, you might be happily suprised.

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