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What to do with my new (used) PGM?

So I stop by the big red guitar store for some strings, and I always cruise the used section to see what might be new. Normally there is not much to choose from, but on this day there was an unusually large amount of used items, and I was told the back warehouse was cleaned out of used gear and GC was trying to blow it out.

So I cruised through everything and saw this.

1999 MIJ model, with some dings, but the white has faded to a nice cream and I picked it up for less than a used Korean RG goes for. However I need another floating trem guitar (or any guitar for that matter) like I need a hole in the head. I would really, really like a fixed bridge PGM, so either I part it out on the bay or drop a nice trem on there and roll with it.
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