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Re: My Ibanez J.Custom RG8470F-BX arrived today, pics inside!

Originally Posted by GAZ View Post
Yup, very nice collection indeed there sandman99 ! I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. I assume you imported the 8470 from Japan, was it from Ishibashi or Ikebe Gakki and were you happy with their service ? Also re : your two fave guitars, how do you find the paf pro compared to the Tone Zone ? Thanks mate.

Hello GAZ,

I imported the guitar from Ishibashi, I have bought several guirars from them, the service is just excellent, and they ship very fast. The 8470 I ordered last friday, and they shipped it on saturday, it arrived to customs in sweden on sunday, then I got it yesterday. That's just amazing!
And you can pay with your credit card at Ishibashi, if you buy from Ikebe Gakki they just take bank wire from international customers so there you got som additional costs.

About the pups, I must say that I like the paf pro better, it has a warmer sound, the tonezone sounds much sharper I think.
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