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Some Pictures of my 7'ers.........

Thought id introduce the axes as i never really have on here.

Anyways, first goes to my UV777bk (which was my 2nd 7'er but more o nthat later)

Next goes to my RG2077XL, very sparkly haha.

Then came the RG7321 as a backup hardtail for the floyds.

All of those axes are very nice to play. Out of all of them I do love the uv as its just so super easy to play. Its probably my favourite at the moment.

And just a few days ago this came to the house.

That came as a bit of a fluke spot on **** and i snapped it up sharpish as they are pretty rare. I think it was worth it for sure.

And finally, the guitar that started me on the quest for low B. A Les Paul of all things.

Now that was a truely random punt on evilbay. It turned up and needed all sorts of cleaing and setting up. Once it was done i found out it had a Dimarzio Blaze preloaded into the bridge that no-one knew about!!

Excellent if you ask me.

and finally (although not ibanez) heres a shot of the other les pauls i own (cept the white baritone at the back, its a bandmates).

Edit - haha i forgot i sold the blue one a bandmate so i only own the red one now, got an RG550 instead of the blue one though.


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