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Re: Ibanez Prestige comparible to Jackson Fusion?

Originally Posted by finstah View Post
I've got an RG320DX that I love. Nice thin neck, bound frets perfect for my hands and playing style. I replaced the stock trem with a Gotoh Floyd

I also have a 1990 Jackson Fusion that is pretty close to the same feel. I dig the bound frets and bolt on neck.

Basically I'm selling my Jackson SL-1 due to a recent bout with tendinitis in both wrists and the neck is too fat to play comfortably anymore. Ishould have around $1400 or so to play with after I sell it.

My question is, is there a comparible Ibanez Prestige bolt on with bound frets and MOP inlays with a H/S or H/H configuration in that price range or less with a thin (like the 320, not the super thin Ibanez necks) neck for shredding style?

Any opinions are greatly appreciated.
Older Jackson Dinky's have sharkfin inlays and a very thin neck, my older dinky reverse has offset dots, but the neck is as thin or thinner than an original wizard neck. They'll run around 200-500 depending on what you get. If you can find a Jackson Soloist XL, it's a japanese soloist but the neck is thinner and wider, and it's neck through.

Charvel's aren't bad either, you might look into a 650xl. a 750xl, a model 5 or 6, but the neck's aren't as thin as wizards.
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