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Originally Posted by Dee View Post
Cool. Good luck, but I just can't see them producing anything like this, it'd cost a fortune. Looks nice, though.
Oh, probably not... though the design originated as a seven-string, and could easily be adapted to a six as well. I'm moving on to eight strings myself (I already play a seven string bass with a low F#) and the finishes are, admittedly to my personal liking (though the whitewash one has been a hit with everyone that's seen it... hear that Hoshino? ) but who's to say the gist of it might not make a new line-up option?

In the eventuality, I may end up just giving someone like Bill Conklin a huge wad of money to make me one or two. It's probably time I moved on to custom guitars, I'm just a cheap (and impatient) bastard... LOL.
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