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Re: Petty but frustrating...

Originally Posted by IbanezGirl View Post
Hmmmm.......i've just read your thread, and sadly i think you are right about them not giving a crap. What the hell is wrong with Ibanez and their lack of customer relations of late. I mean really, if they don't consider a pot a warranty issue, they could at least have the common courtesy of replying to you. And, i don't mean with a sarcastic comment like above, about your frets.
Are these Ibanez guys so far up their own asses these days, it's beyond them too communicate with their customers.

Seriously, stuff like this from companies makes me see red.
Wow girl, your getting pretty steamed there. Relax, and go to your "Happy Place". I haven't dealt with Ibanez customer relations yet, but from previous threads, I'm gathering they are deficient in this aspect. I do get pretty peeved when this happens in the non-guitar related world.

Not to sound yutzish, but what is a pot? Is it the volume/tone knob itself or the internals? I'm trying to enhance my knowledge. You can say it, I'm a dork; Jim has called me that before.
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