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Re: Axes that compare to Jems in playability

Originally Posted by bobby simcox View Post
thx fer the tips,Bros, but my SK is set up perfectly!!! The e string thing was pretty much part of the early JEM design!!! That was back when Mr.Vai was utilizing the off neck string bend effect where the note will jump up a 4th or so when yanked that way!!! it didn't happen all the time, but whenever i used my JEM, i would have to conciously remind myself of that possibility, and frankly, the last thing i wanna do while performing, is think, or at least not about that kinda stuff!!! That was before i found Zachary Guitars, so now i'm totally spoiled by Zachary's 46mm nut width,sound, and playability!!!
It's interesting to know that you were also an Ibanez player in your pre-Zachary days...
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