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Re: Axes that compare to Jems in playability

Originally Posted by bobby simcox View Post
thx fer the tips,Bros, but my SK is set up perfectly!!! The e string thing was pretty much part of the early JEM design!!! That was back when Mr.Vai was utilizing the off neck string bend effect where the note will jump up a 4th or so when yanked that way!!!
are you certain of that? it seems a bit strange to me, i've never heard of that from any old jem owners before.. Vai didn't use that technique quite that extensively and if he did have the setup modified, it would have been in his personal setup- would be silly for ibanez to make it a stock setup option esp without even mentioning it anywhere..

any axe could be perfectly setup and playing awesome with great action yet still require a common neck pocket adjustment (otherwise it would be a nut problem which i doubt)

check Rich's tech section, he has it in his cleanup to setup tutorial, you can check the centering of strings on the board by eye but not the gap in the neck pocket, it'll look tight enough but there's still room to play with it

it does no harm to read it and if it fixes something you obviously don't like about the guitar, great!
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