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Re: Axes that compare to Jems in playability

Originally Posted by Devon8822 View Post
I gotta know why Suhr is so much better than a jem in your opinion, or else it doesn't help me much. I checked these guitars out^ great specs but I can't stand their appearance. So why do they blow jems out fo the water? Is i a certain spec in particular? help me out?
Not everybody thinks Suhr's are better. Pro series S3 model with "down to earth" price of $3000? They are nice Strats, but I don't know if they are that nice. I have only played one, and it wasn't a life changing experience like my Zachary.

Best thing to do is just go out and play as many guitars as you can. find one that is right for you. Or just buy a Jem if you like the way they look. Get a good setup and don't look back. It's a great guitar and you can't really go wrong. You learn to appreciate the control you get from a guitar with a wider neck.
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