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Re: I finally tried an RGA121

Originally Posted by Johnny Two Tone View Post
The X2N needs to be in a bright guitar, like the RGA. It's the hottest passive PU there is so its got tons of power. I thought it sounded wicked in my RGA121 but it was, "meh" in my Les Paul (which is a naturally dark guitar). It's best known for being the exclusive pickup used by metal legend Chuck Shuldiner. The sound is sharp highs but with a lot of chunk - it's perfect for old school metal.

The main problem with it, though, is that since it has such a high output it pulls a hell of a lot on the strings and so you have to set the hight properly so you don't lose sustain. And like I said; in a dark guitar it doesn't sound great. I should mention that with a guitar that screws its pickups right to the body (instead of in a bracket) the body needs to be bored slightly since the X2N is so thick.

Point is when I had the X2N/Breed combo in my RGA121 it was the best sounding thing ever. But a set of Breeds is sweet sauce too!
I somewhat disagree. The X2N is a bright pickup, and I think it sounds best in darker guitars, as the two balance each other.
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