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Re: How do Indonesian models stack up?

I think the quality control on the Indonesian models is less consistent than the Korean or Japanese. I tried out an RG3EXQM1 in the store a few months back, expecting it to be total junk based on what I'd heard online. Much to my surprise it was very well done with no egregiously high or low frets (could still get 2mm action on the 24th fret). I was so surprised I inspected everything thoroughly: neck bow profile, fret levelness, finish, etc. While it's obviously it's made on the cheap (the neck joint screw holes were drilled *after* clearcoating), it was still very playable. I ended up buying it and after a pickup change and swap for shorter saddle height screws it's one of my favorite guitars (all my other guitars are MIJ RGs).

Now trems on the MII models are a different story. It's hard to make a good trem, which is why I'll on play MIJ trems. I've never played the Edge3, but I've heard mixed things about it's durability and construction.

My advice to you is to inspect every aspect of the guitar you're thinking of purchasing. If you need to adjust the action, etc., bring the tools and do it in the store to make sure everything works as expected. You might just get lucky with the RG2EX2.
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