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Wink Re: Ibanez, what about endorsing... her?

Originally Posted by eelblack2 View Post
They were definitely the MIJ HM Strats. I only called them Squire's because its hard for me to call anything that doesnt have 3 single coils and a pickguard a "Strat". Just purely picky/wierdness on my part.

The bridge and the neck shape were what threw me off on the HM strats. Probably again, just picky/wierdness on my part. I actually dug the later Talons a bit more probably because of 550-like vibe.
You are definitely entitled to not like the trems! I just wanted to point out that they are not low quality or have crappy tuning stability, Kahlers are great trems, I love them as much as my OFR, Edge, Lo pro's, wonder bar, wilkinson, Gotoh, Schaller etc...
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