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Re: Dave Weiner S-series.

Originally Posted by Tmcarr View Post
Anyone have any info on this guitar hes started using?

Its awesome... I wish they would make more S-7's.

I wish I could get ahold of the parts to make one...

I'm poor though!!! (anyone got an old beat up body??)
It is a sweet looking guitar. I'm hoping Ibanez will produce the DW maple board 7 string guitar. Here's some info and pics on the Ibanez DW76 you are interested in:

Dave's post on his site when he reveiled the DW76. Pics included

Please do sign the petition and cast your vote for the Ibanez DW signature guitar at these two links:

Jemsite Poll

The Petition for a Dave Weiner Signature Model Placed in Production So far 110 have signed it.
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