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Re: What is your main axe brand?


I have 4 Ibanez (Jem, RG550, RG321, SR400), 2 Fender Stratocasters, 1 Squier Mini Strat, 1 Warmoth custom Floyd Rose Strat, 2 Simon and Patrick acoustics and a Yamaha classical.

I keep them in the house, but the chopping axes are in the shed!

My first "real" guitar was a '75 Fender hardtail Strat. I traded it in for a Gibson Flying V in 1980 when I was in my "Michael Schenker is god" stage. The V was trade in for a Kramer with original Floyd about 2 years later when EVH replaced MS as the new guitar god in my book. The Kramer was "disassembled" in 1990 with the hardware and electronics going into the Warmoth. That was my only electric until I caught a terminal disease called GAS, here at Jemsite.

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