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VH and EVH need to be bashed, right over the head too (with a Frankenstein guitar). Before I go off on VH, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt! It is possible that these "VIP Packages" are sold by the promoter or others involoved trying to make more $ thinking that the band will always show up, I doubt it because the band probably knows everything of whats going on! Maybe the band doesn't know how much these ppl are paying for the "VIP" treatment, doubt it however!!!!!

What I really think is that VH does whatever EVH says, pu$$ies! AVH is such a wimp, he doesn't stand up to his brother or maybe he is just a [email protected] too! I think they don't care unfortunately! WVH is just a young innocent part of all of this and his fathers bad habits!

EVH is a liar, he kicked Sammy out of the band with a poor excuse, than he kicked Michael Anthony out because, his excuse, "Michael was playing with Sammy" in-other-words he was trying to say that Michael quit or was too busy to play with VH!

EVH's time is over! The only thing he has is endless tours to make money, his future albums will never be good or will sell a lot. The last good song he wrote was "Without You" with Gary Cherone...and I say good, not great.

He hasn't improved as a player like a lot of others have, same stuff or worse. Final point, seems like he lost a step on writing!

Just to sum up, I am a fan of VH, EVH Dave and Sammy eras! I just don't like the choices he made and lies he spews! I actually think the band got better, musically, lyrically, tightness with Sammy, they grew. Than he messed by throwing out Sammy and Michael. What's next Valerie and his current GF for back-up vocals?!

The fact that people pay $450 mainly to meet the band and they don't show is completely appalling and PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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