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Re: RGT42FX, thoughts, mods, pics?

I opted for the fixed bridge version. I couldn't bring myself to get the trem version for many reasons but the main one being I own an RGT3020 with an EP bridge. I figured a backup with a fixed bridge might be the way to go so I can do drop tunings, double stop bends and what not easily.

Glad to hear you liked it. My RGT3020 has an ULTRA neck which might not be far off the W2 neck of the RGT42 so that shouldn't be much of an issue for me. I have tried other W2 guitars and they can be vastly different from model and origin, but I do know I like the MIK version far more than the MII version I tried on the RGR421fx...not for me at all

I'll post about it after I get it (with pics of course) but it is cool to hear if this has been a good alternative to some of the more pricey versions in the Prestige line.
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