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Bentley: Any info. help ID.

Howdy all, new to jemsite. wonderful resource!
I bought a bentley electric guitar on auction. It was missing: neck, knobs and back accsess covers. It has a licensed floyd rose trem. that i have not seen before(uses standard barrel end strings). It has vol. tone. and three switchs(2 two position and 1 three position).
I will try to post pics. not sure im ignorant in the ways of forums.
Ignore the nobs and neck for ID. that was my doing.
Any info. on year, model, how the three swicth configuration works, or anything about the bentley company in general would help as I don't have a clue! It's not like the series 10's I have seen on the web.
It has an odd taper on the front of the guitar.

thanks for any help!

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