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Re: The New Custom Axe - DONE! w/pics

I think the body shape is cool, and the top wood looks good as well. I'm not sure if the neck really fits the package, but I'm sure it plays well. Something like a nice figured Pau Ferro or macassar board without inlays would have brought out the woodiness of the body more than the Ibanez copy vine. The other thing I might have changed is the headstock. I think it would have looked better with a 3+3 rather than an Ibanez clone. Not a big 3+3, but along the lines of a Gibson V headstock. I think the Ibanez headstock detracts from the 'customness', for lack of a better word, of the instrument. Don't get me wrong, I like Jem necks on Jems, but they seem out of place in other places It makes it look more like a custom body swapped into an Ibby than a whole custom guitar. It's a great looking body though, it has a sort of Driskill/Alembic vibe to it, and I'm sure it will be comfortable. I'm glad you got what you wanted, play it in health
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