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JPMM piezo system

Just received my JPMM this morning around 7:00am and I really like
the playability of the guitar a lot. I'm really impressed with the trem
system and the speed of the neck. The neck pup is really sweet
sounding, but I noticed that the D-Soninc is rather "bassy" compared
to my other Ibanez guitars. It's different so I guess that's cool for
different tones. It was set up with 10 guage strings and it feels like
I'm playing on bass strings to my fingers. One thing is did like about
the 10 guage strings was how much the guitar resonates when you hit
a chord. Really nice sustain as a result. I've used
9's for the past 24 years so they are really different in feel. Can someone
please explain how the pickup configuration/knob controls works on the
guitar for me? I only have the 3 way selector and not the push/pull pot
installed on a piezo equipped JPMM. When both swithces are pointed down
my bridge pup barely gets a signal and is almost completely silent. Is this
normal on a dirty amp channel or do I have some issues that I have to deal
with down the road? Also, which input jack to you guys use for your dirty channel?
I'm assuming that everyone that owns one plugs their's into another amp
for the dry channel, but I'm just guessing.
Everything works fine when the top toggle is in the middle and up positions
as far selecting between the humbuckers. Just when they are pointed down
together am I having the shortage issue. Does the top switch control the
piezo system? My guitar did not come with a manual so I'm at the mercy of
trolling jemsite and experienced uses that own one. Thanks for the info!
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