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Re: problem neighbours

When I was at my old place and had the band going we used to practice on Saturday or Sunday arvos for a few hours. No one cared about it except for one neighbour. We weren't even that loud.

She would come around and whine to the missus, but if she wasn't home she'd just bang on the door while we were playing, never when we stopped for a breather. Obviously she was too chicken 5hit to complain to our faces.

We also know that it wasn't much louder than a loud radio outside the house. If the bass player was running a bit late, and the drummer and I were jamming he said he could barely even hear us from the front door.

After the times she would complain to the missus we would turn down a little, and right at the end turn it all right up and blast out a rendition of Dennis Leary's "A55hole!
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