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Re: problem neighbours

Back in my renting days, I had various problems with neighbors related to music, but nothing ever escalated beyond the "finding a happy median" level.
Now that I own a house (a townhome, actually), and the neighbors on both sides also own their homes, I was initially worried about being too loud. As it turns out, there is a 10 inch concrete firewall that separates each of the homes, so nobody hears a thing. Even when I turn my rig up above 3 or so (which is about as loud as I can get it without physically shaking things out of their cabinets), nobody can hear a thing. My wife, ever-tolerant, and my cat, ever-oblivious, are the only ones who would mind. If my wife doesn't want to hear it, I'll turn it down or use headphones, but the cat doesn't seem to mind at all. In fact, she'll just lay down on top of the amp. I think she digs the vibration or something. Occasionally, she'll jump up and sit on my lap while I'm playing, trying to eat the strings and stuff, but that's about as far as my problems go these days.
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