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FS: Book - Mixing & Mastering (new)

The book is titled "Mixing & Mastering" by Bill Gibson, published by Hal Leonard. It's book 6 in a multi-book collectiong covering the entire realm of audio recording.

Included with the book is a DVD that has video and audio examples. Some of the things covered in the book are: analog and digital recording, monitoring, mixing theories, stereo imaging techiques, mixing techniques, mastering prep and mastering.

The reason I'm selling is because I have another book with a slightly different title from a different publisher that turns out to be exactly the same book as this one...exactly the same word for word. I was a bit bummed, but oh well. What's done is done.

It's straight forward and an easy read that will get your music sounded it's best in no time in your mixing program. I would say it's geared towards the beginner to intermediate recording engineer. The author pretty much gives a step by step receipe for how to create a professional sounding song. Turns out not to be quite as hard and elusive as you might think. He presents things simply, his method is simple. If you would like to improve how your songs sound then this would be a good first book for you.

The included DVD is pretty cool, especially the video examples. He shows you what he's doing as he's talking about the various techniques that are covered in the book. The audio examples show the result of what a song sounds like after various techniques are applied.

Anyways, the book is brand new. I paid $40 for it. I'm willing to sell it for $30 with free shipping to anywhere in the CONUS. I'll ship else where as long as you cover the bill.

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If you have any questions just PM me, or ask here in this thread.


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