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Re: Ibanez Rescue Institute: RG550

Well I have her and shes in sad shape. The body was sanded with with a palm sander by a 8 year old it seems, leaving round sanding marks every where on the back digging in alot of places. Edges rounded by the sander, cut-ins you name it.

A good old boy had her and true to the way of the south....DUCK TAPE!

Looks like someone also painted her green before the sloppy stain/shalack job.

Paid $200 for her with Org case. The Edge is in good shape (shocked) as well as the neck but looks like a fret job is going to be needed. One White PAF Pro and A Humbucker from Hell. All in all for parts it wasnt bad but the body is sad. So do I try to restore the body or..... Do something really radical to it!

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