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Re: Online stores in the us

Originally Posted by SYL View Post
This is where commerce interferes with art. Unfortunately most manufacturers, be it guitars or whatever, strategically market their products to benefit their distributors in their respective territory. So in order to be able to sell a product in a particular market a manufacturer may put restrictions on whom the distributor can sell their products to. As the market in the states is so large, companies often offer suppliers great cost prices. However with this great cost price - a restirction to only sell in the states is usually put in place. This is also as a relationship the manufacturer may have, with say an australian distributer could be affected if the states where to supplier it here.

its an i'll scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of thing

it's not just ibanez - recently i found out EMG and Dimarzio strictly forbid their items being sold from the states to international markets.
Thanks mate...great piece of info for me
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