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Re: Helpp, why don't i wanna play my guitar anymore?

Originally Posted by Andy43 View Post
I always hear these stories of people losing interest in guitar. Am I the only one that has not ONCE lost interest in playing? Maybe some of you are just overdosing on the instrument. I only play about 2 hours a day at most, some days not playing at all. I used to play a lot more, like 5 hours everyday. But that was mostly when I was trying to up my technique. However, if you just lose interest in making music, then maybe making music isn't for you. I have the feeling that some people are just "born to rock", or " born to play whatever type of music you like".
i was definately born to play, music has been in my blood for at least three generations, probably more.. I really think the biggest reason is I don't have an amp, and my acoustic doesn't exactly allow me to explore.. I can't handle having just one tone..
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