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Re: The Jemsite guide to amps

Well, I'll have to throw VHT into the ring again, absolutely awesome amps, why anyone in the UK would buy a rectifier instead of this I have no idea...

Originally Posted by Fear_Factory View Post
VHT amplifiers!

Originally Posted by Mr Orange View Post
When it comes to VHTs, the Pittbull is a bad mutha. 3 channels, footswitchable graphic eq, half power function, power and gain to spare and tones modern as hell. Suits almost everything. Smokes your average boxes. A buddy's got a 2x12 Pittbull, I've gigged it a couple of times and loved it. Btw, the Pittbull won the 100 W GP combo shootout back in '92. The runner-up was the 30th Anniversary Marshall (yup, the blue one).
I've got an Ultr Lead, with the graphic EQ on it. Seriously smokes, pinpoint precise, and a lead tone that just screams. It's not a dominating amp, but rather one that sits nicely in a growling snarly midrange, with ridiculously tight almost percussive bass response. However, it's not for everyone, and is a seriously dry amp, tight as hell, but whilst still having an organice 3d sounding midrange.

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