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Re: Want to buy ALIENWARE Area-51 M15x Laptop any opinions

Originally Posted by axemanrio View Post
Alienware is highly overpriced, get it if you like to show off to your friends... if you are practical, you'd drop the idea. Assuming you picked Alienware because of the dual-GPU solution, keep in mind a single high-end desktop GPU will beat it (by a mile) any day of the week.

I've owned many notebooks and prefer Dell, primarily because of the high level of customization and complete cover warranty. At present, my main computer is an XPS M1330 which I use for design and recording. Only problem with it is the cooling solution for the 8400M GPU, Dell needs to fix that yesterday.
Yeah I hear you

I build all my desktop PC's so I do understand about hardware. I am soon to be moving to Hongkong with the wife, and I need to turn a powerfull desktop into a laptop. I do work in animation graphic design and play alot of games, so the Alienware seems nice and powerfull for that stuff. Yeah its overpriced, but I do enjoy bells an whistles. Kinda why I like the Jem777 Im blinded by the lights !!!

Also If im gona spend 2 grand I might as well buy something thats pleasing to the eye.

Its just the type of person I am.

when I get a vision or idea into my head I cant rest untill I have it in front of me...

its a problem but I can deal with it..

Anyone else thats ever owned an Alienware care to share. Id be interested in hearing about experiences...
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