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Is this going to be easy??? - Bridge replacement for RG421

Hi everyone. Im ordering an RG421 today and ever since I wanted one I considered changing the bridge for THIS one.

Anyway. For anyone who cant go to that site for some reason, its simply a GTC Tele-style replacement fixed bridge with a humbucker space instead of the traditional single-coils.

I wanted to do this because the bridge on the 421 is called the GTC Jr, same as the AX7-521 and RG7-421. But the bridge on the USRG10 and JS-6 and RG7-621 are all highest quailty GTC saddles. They have more intonation room. This GTC-301 seems to have the same saddles. Instead of O's inside the saddles, theres long lines.

*I also like the idea of having a tele bridge on an RG, and having the EMG-81 mounted to the bridge. I also dont know how much more mass is in this tele-style bridge but Ive heard lots about more mass= better.

* I want to mount it myself but is it going to directly replace the GTC Jr or am I gonna have to operate?? I really dont want to, this guitars not even used. And I HATE digging into new guitars...ehhh..just hate it.

*I know teles ferrule holes are lined up straight. And so is the RG's, so that looks good. Thats what I REALLY dont want to do, is drill new ferrule holes. But Im pretty sure I'm going to have to drill new mounting screw holes because they are in different places. I also know both guitars are 25.5 inch scale so pickup placement in regard to the saddles should be the same.

Is it going to hurt having the EMG connected to the bridge by metal?? I know the EMGs are grounded internally but Im guessing the mounting screws dont touch the ciruitry at all and dont matter.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me and Im very sorry I have such terrible writing skills Im not very educated at all!!


fixed the link for you

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