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Re: The Jemsite guide to amps

I like my James Brown designed Peaveys... from the VTM through the JSX, I have one of each... except a JSX, which I may pick one up sometime. I really like the VTM and the Ultra Plus 120. The xxx and 5150 are good too, a really cool amp is the little 40 watt xxx, the crunch channel. I also have a Wiggy, which is a little strange
Now I have developed a Lee Jackson problem, having purchased a Metaltronix 1000, Ampeg VL502, a Crate Stealth 50 combo and an actual Lee Jackson XLS500 and XLA500 head and a Lee Jackson Cab I am starting to run out of room
The XLS and the VL are great!!! everyone should try one of the VL502s, they are dirt cheap have a reverb and a built in attenuator...what more could you want!!!
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