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My Caparison Got a New Pickup

Well my Caparison Horus is the best guitar I have ever played, but the stock pickups were sorely lacking. When I first got it the craptastic Caparison BHII-R bridge pickup sucked so bad it made the neck pickup seem pretty good. So a few months ago I got a Caparison PH-R pickup (the pickup used in the TAT, Dellinger, Applehorn, etc.) from Jaxadam and installed it. The PH-R is an awesome pickup and it made the guitar sound loads better, but then I could see how much the neck pickup sucked. Just way too muddy. So then i saw a youtube video of Rob Marcello from Danger Danger playing a Horus. He uses a PH-R in the bridge and a Dimarzio Fast Track 2 in the neck and sounds awesome. So I figured I'de give that combo a shot. I had a couple of fears though. The Fast Track 2 is Dimarzios hottest single coil sized pickup and is recommended only as a bridge pup, so I figured the output could be enough to overpower the bridge and that it would not clean up well. My worries were for nothing. It sounds great. Balances perfectly with the PH-R and cleans up quite well. It has a very shreddy, round sound with the treble chopped off. It also has great harmonics. I am very happy with it.

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