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Re: The Jemsite guide to amps

Howdy there, it's been ages since I started this thread (as Mr Orange)!

Anyway, my current amp setup is:

VHT Deliverance 60. The thing is a monster. Killer tone, very responsive. I went looking for an amp, ditched the option of buying the D60 for the hefty price tag, went on testing and testing amps after amps... and came back a few weeks later and bought it.

Early '70s Fender Twin Reverb Amp . An impulse buy, found this one for a good price. The tone is the sweetest clean tone ever. It's also very responsive to your gitboxes, it's easy to adjust pickup height with this one. I highly recommend picking up a SF Fender combo, they can still be acquired at reasonable prices – but not very long!
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