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Ibanez 73' "Lawsuit" era Jazz Bass

I looked for the most apropriate place to put this but found nothing on the forums designated for basses.

I picked this up off of Craig's for $250 this morning. Original owner's first guitar! He toured w/ it for many years. Don't know why he would sell it so cheap but he said we wanted to find someone who would still appreciate her. And, I sure do!

Having not played any other lawsuit basses I do not know if they are all really nice or if this one has just aged well. The low-note definition and overall smoothness is increduble. I've played several 60's and early 70's Fender Jazz basses and I say in all honesty that this one sounds and feels VERY similar. It's got that unmistakeable purr that you simply can't get in a new bass.
I don't like the neck pickup (aftermareket) so it'll get replaced and I'll probably drop in an Aguilar preamp.

Any thoughts/experiences/questions/advice are welcome!

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